We are interested in cooperation across the Europe by offering soft furniture sewing. Get in touch info@nahkur.com

Why to prefer leather seats in car

Leather seats biggest advantage is durability. Good and maintained leather seats will last at least 20 years.

Families with childrens should choose leather seats in their car. Melt ice cream, yogurt and other products may ruin textile seats, but with leather there is no such problem. In these cases leather cleaning is cheap and easy.

With leather you don’t have to waste hours of cleaning stains or paying for dry cleaning.

Leather seats from car salon

If you are ordering new car from salon and choosing leather seats as an extra, you’ll be making overpayment. Ordering leather seats as an extra from salon may cost three times more than ordering our solution.

If you are residing or visiting Estonia then it’s obviously cheaper to order from us. Our quality is same as ordering from factory. We are also giving 2 year warranty for our work.

Why not spend saved money for travelling with your family to get new shot of energy?

Sewing company subcontractor

There is lots of situations where company needs a subcontractor to balance work allocation or needs upholsterer only seasonally.

We are offering service for soft furniture cover sewing. It helps balance work allocation in your company and also helps along to increase your profit.

This solution helps your company on busy times and you don’t have to take extra risks to hire new employees.

Cooperation across Europe

Our ambition is to consistently expand and find new partners for cooperation. We are ready to make sewing works to another countries.

Transportation can be handled via international mail services.

Our company communication languages are: Estonian, Russian and English.

As production in Europe is considerably expensive, then we believe that services we offer by using mail services guarantees low production costs.

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